We’ve got something for all here at Ngalung Kalla. We don’t consider ourselves a surf resort but there are plenty of waves nearby and many of our guests do come for surfing.

About the Waves

The home break is a perfect right-hander reeling off for 100 meters over reef. It varies in intensity according to size and can be perfect for learners and lessons when small but plenty challenging for even the most astute barrel meistro when the surf is on!

A variety of waves nearby ensure that everyone gets their fill nearly every single day! Rights or lefts over sand or reef, large or small we can get you onto it.

Our twelve meter aluminum speedboat with twin 175 outboards is the perfect vessel to hit any and all of the best waves in Sumba- most local trips are included in ones stay. Long range trips are chargeable excursions should the elements line up for a remote strike.

For a full range of activities, please see below.

All Inclusive Activities

Surfing: In and around our incredible bay the best spot is a sweet right hander that reels off for about 100 meters in our front yard. Challenging but not too much so. There are also several beginner, longboard, and SUP waves a short paddle or boat ride away. We have a good variety of SUPs, longboards, shortboards here at the retreat for complimentary use under the “you break it you buy it” rule. Please inquire at the retreat.

Yoga: We have several yoga spaces, and, depending on teachers in house, several styles of yoga can be accommodated during your stay. Revitalizing full body massages by a professional are also available several days a week. Each guest gets one complimentary with a seven nights stay.

Snorkeling: There is a fair deal of snorkel gear at the retreat but by all means if you’re serious about your underwater expoits it’s always best to bring your own gear.

Nature Walks: There are numerous bird, nature, coastal, and reef walks around the retreat.   These can be done with a local guide or on ones own with a map.

Shelling: Sumbas beaches and shelling can be bar none~. If you crave some beach time let us know and we’ll work it in the schedule.

Sumba Culture: The culture in Sumba is not to be missed. Normal daily life activities in the villages surrounding us are fascinating and eye opening- sure to make a lasting impression and some amazing   photo opportunities . We aim to get guests out and about in the villages and on the surrounding roads to see what Sumba is really like. A trip out and about to a local village is often the highlight of ones stay. We enjoy when guests really get in touch with where they are traveling and we happily extend complimentary village visits to all guests.

Mountain Biking: One of the best ways to cruise through the countryside is my mountain bike. We have several top of the line bikes available for guest use. This can be one of the most rewarding ways to check out the hills nearby. One can cover alot of ground yet stop whenever desired for some snapshots or a chat (or possibly even to chew some bettlenut).

Kite Surfing/Foiling: We also have the possibility to share kitesurfing and the foilboarding experience with guests if the conditions permit.

Charged Activities

Waterfall Tours: There are several stunning waterfalls to visit on ones journey to Sumba if you find them calling.   This charged activity usually turns into a full day trip complete with a local lunch experience and a look at the local market and/or antique store.

Sport Fishing: Offshore sport-fishing can be incredible in the surrounding waters- Spanish Mackerel, Trevally, Wahoo, Barracuda, Sailfish, Marlin, mahi-mahi and barracuda inhabit the nearby waters in solid numbers and they can sometimes seem almost to be jumping in the boat when in season. We have rods and reels, outriggers and down-riggers for fishing in any and all conditions.

Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is available on request but is not in the all inclusive package. Please inquire if this is in your interest range.

Long Range Surf Trips: Long range surf trips to some of the most epic waves on Sumba are at your fingertips. Ask your guide of you’re interested in heading out to spots like (Millers Right), Tarimbang, Pero, Mengkudu, or even Komodo! It’s all well within our reach if conditions are right.

Textile Tours: Textile tours are easy to setup. We can arrange transport to several villages known for producing some of the finest hand woven ikats in the world. It’ll be an adventure for sure but your spoils can be unforgettable.

West Sumba Tour: Our West Sumba tour takes you through some of the most untouched valleys on the island. We are happy to show you some of the great sites just within a few hours drive from us. Ask us if there’s something you’d really like to see and we’ll set it up. These trips are flexible by design.

12 Meter Speedboat

  •  Twin 175 Suzuki Engines
  • Fishfinder
  • Outriggers
  • Radar
  • VHF
  • Epirb.
  • Solid first aid setup on board.