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Markus Hamill will be back in September to host his second meditation retreat at Ngalung Kalla! 

The Sattva Life provides simple and highly effective meditation training to calm the mind & body, creating space to engage in life with clarity, creativity, vitality and joy.

The Sattva Life is about moving beyond self-imposed boundaries. It is a life lived authentically with passion and purpose.

The Sattva Life is all about living the good life.During the retreat there will also be some surfing and ocean time!

  • September 19th to 26th, 2022

WATERMAN, Surf, SUP, Foiling retreat with James Casey

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If you’re more on the ocean side we will be hosting a very special Waterman-Surf, SUP, Foiling retreat in August with James Casey! James Casey is a full powered waterman. With a background in surfing, kite surfing, foiling and a reputation for his ability to pull out all stops in the tail end of a marathon paddle,  he has created a name for himself in the stand up paddling scene. With a number of successes both in Australia and worldwide. With titles including Olukai Champion – Stand Up Paddle race in Maui, Hawaii, and the West Australian Doctor, he has proven to be a contender both at home and in the heart of sport, Hawaii. 

  • August 29th-September 5th, 2020

Permaculture Courses

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Our Organic Wealth Center will be well utilized next year. Come get your hands dirty with us! We will host 2 Permaculture in Action Courses as well as a 12 day Permaculture Design Course. The courses will be taught by Christian Sea.

During this 12 day Permaculture Design Course and the 7 day Permaculture in Action Courses, we will apply practical Permaculture methods, develop action plans, be guided by nature to learn how to use less resources by using energy wisely, promote sustainability & learn how to create an abundance of time, health & happiness. We will also clear our minds and purify our bodies on the yoga mat and  in the ocean. Don’t forget to follow us instagram @permaculture_sumba 

Permaculture Design Course:  

  • Permaculture Design Course: Nov. 27th to Dec. 10th, 2022